• 1 Quality is our Vision
    Delivering quality products since 2003 has been our passion, ensuring you get the best commodity in the market.
  • 2 Professional Resources
    Our professional-trained human resources are always ready to answer every needs the market may demand, producing satisfactory results in every way possible
  • 3 Manufactured to fit
    None of our products fit your needs? Worry not, for we can customize our goods to perfectly fit your specifications.
  • 4 Competitive Pricing
    We understand that raw materials are a direct cause and effect to final products pricing, so we provide wide range of selection of product with competitive and affordable pricings.
  • 5 Cutting-edge Technology
    Consistency is the key! Standarized processing procedures and cutting-edge technologies provides our products the edge your company needs in this ever-growing industry.

PET Bottle

PT. ECO RAMAH LESTARI ( 3D VIDEO ) is a plastic processing factory located at Tangerang, Java, Indonesia. We produce plastic pellets from recycled plastics which cover different types such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and categorized in multi grades. Our processing system utilizes WASHINGLINE method, an perfect washing system to maintain the color and quality of plastic pellets produced and minimizing unwanted specs and dirt.

Recently, after 1998 global monetery crisis, plastic industry has improved significantly, the demand for plastic pellets are increased in every major plastic-related industry where as the supply for these particular commodity cannot in par. In answering these challenges, recycled plastic emerges as an alternative solution, it is cheap, dependable and enviroment-friendly.

Quality Control

All our products must undergo multiple tight quality control procedures before they are released, several steps of quality assurance must be passed before the plastic pellets are to be sent to the customer. These system ensure that our products are the right choice for every plastic manufacturing needs.

We Deliver Quality Products at Competitive Pricings

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