Recently, after 1998 global monetery crisis, plastic industry has improved significantly, the demand for plastic pellets are increased in every major plastic-related industry where as the supply for these particular commodity cannot in par. In answering these challenges, recycled plastic emerges as an alternative solution, it is cheap, dependable and enviroment-friendly.



To recycle plastic waste in order to support green movements & to stimulize national plastic industry growth towards efficiency and competitive value globally without compromising quality.



We provide wide variety of products with the finest quality to answer the demanding needs and specifications the plastic industry provides. Every step in our production processes are tightly supervised and undergo several quality assurance steps, resulting in high quality products mainly applied in blow film industry such as: blow mouldings, rotational mouldings, eva sponges, injections etc

Our main production line consist of three main groups:

3. PP (opp, cpp, bopp)

In our first year, we added a line of product consist of HDPE & LLDPE plastic bags, in 8 years time, they have grown vastly with capacity & technology to provide & maintain market demands. Until today and years to come, we keep upgrading in terms of technology and human resources to better provide and perfect our products.

Our products and plastic bags consists of::
1. Agriculture-oriented plastic bags:
• Seeding pockets,
• Seeds,
• irigration,
• foundation,
• Fertilizer,
• UV Protection,
• etc.
2. Plastic bags for sanitasion & cleaning needs
3. Plastic bags for construction needs
4. Shopping Bag

Product development to date consist of :
1. Strapping band
2. Rafiah rope
3. Plastik roofing
4. cement Bucket
5. Paint Bucket

Our products are distributed in Java, outside Java island and several foreign corporation.